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Flat industry potential shares: AMOLED and naked eye 3D
Jun 20, 2017

For a mature decades of mature product line, some of the inherent familiar technology is absolutely not unusual. Whether it is newly listed or circulating classic, each name will be in the minds of consumers draw a deep mark. Want to seek a breakthrough development can be said not simple. So for the current display market, the increase in new technology to stimulate, or the existing technology to continue to upgrade and upgrade to help users in a more simple way to apply these more technology to cover the display products. This will be able to promote the display market continues to move forward.

AMOLED and naked eye 3D are now potential to change the display industry's two potential shares. AMOLED is an active organic electroluminescent diode display panel, relatively speaking, its response faster, and can be applied to large-size screen, but relative to PMOLED relatively more power. And PMOLED (PassiveMatrix / Organic Lightning Diode display panel) is relatively slow response, not suitable for display dynamic images, but to be more power, with the OLED lighting market gradually began to develop, the future PMOLED may gradually Fade out the display device, attack the lighting market.

TN / wide viewing angle / AMOLED depth interpretation panel category


AMOLED refers to the organic semiconductor materials and luminescent materials in the electric field driven by the carrier injection and recombination led to the phenomenon of light. AMOLED light principle is to use ITO transparent electrode and metal electrodes as the device anode and cathode, driven by a certain voltage, electrons and holes from the cathode and anode were injected into the electron and hole transport layer, electrons and holes were electron And the hole transport layer migrate to the light emitting layer and meet in the light emitting layer to form excitons and cause the light emitting molecules to excite, which emit visible light by radiation relaxation. The radiation of the radiation can be observed from the ITO side, and the metal electrode film also acts as a reflective layer.

AMOLED compared with the traditional LCD panel, in response time, volume thickness, power consumption, viewing angle, quality uniformity of color, resolution has a considerable advantage, but for now, AMOLED product costs and Size is at a disadvantage. Although AMOLED has many inherent advantages, but not all well-known panel manufacturers will develop and produce AMOLED. Only a handful of high-end panel makers have increased their investment, but in the long run, AMOLED production costs decline is inevitable. AMOLED uses organic materials, and glass with TFT arrays. But he did not have a backlight, nor the need for color film, which means that OLED costs have a lot of compression space.

The current naked eye 3D technology, although the user wearing glasses without the trouble, it will not cause the screen brightness to reduce the problem, it will not affect the user's daily experience because of the glasses, but the user in the naked eye 3D screen viewing, Need to be in a specific position and angle to be able to watch the perfect 3D picture, if the angle or position deviation, then the effect of 3D will be greatly discounted.

Again, the current naked eye 3D and polarized 3D, there will be half the resolution of the problem exists, so if the user needs to watch the full HD specifications of the 3D screen, the original resolution of the standard to achieve close to 4K Caixing. In addition, the current naked eye 3D cost is higher, so the relevant product price will be high. In addition, 3D display technology also has a common drawback is that users watch for a long time, will cause serious visual fatigue, even if not wearing glasses naked eye 3D, will lead to eye fatigue problem.

The current market, the naked eye 3D panel of the major manufacturers a lot, of which the larger mainly in South Korea's LGDisplay and Taiwan's Chi Mei Electronics, AU Optronics-based. For the production of naked eye 3D panels, one of the largest production barriers is to ensure that the corresponding 3D film with the liquid crystal molecules point to the point, the need for very detailed technology and technology. It is also because of the high process of manufacturing, the finished product yield can not be guaranteed, the corresponding cost is also a sharp increase, so the production is very difficult, so the current look at the naked eye 3D panel production capacity is very limited.

AMOLED and naked eye 3D technology support, in the future of the LCD display market will be shine, to provide users with the latest experience and continuous efforts to improve. Look forward to the real listing of these technologies that day, look forward to their close integration with the user life. The future of the LCD market is their world, and only such a novel technology, in order to allow the industry to develop longer and longer.

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