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IPS panel VS PLS panel: who is the last winner
Jun 19, 2017

Speaking of the display panel, the recent IPS panel can be said to almost occupy the entire display of the market, the user is also very important when buying IPS panel. At the end of last year, Samsung launched the new series of PLS panels, the PLS panel has been published in 11 years, but has not been a large-scale publicity, so most people do not know the PLS panel, while the panel Samsung launched the PLS panel display, the main midrange and high-end users. We can see the Samsung or want to PLS panel for large-scale publicity.

PLS panel launch, will undoubtedly become a big opponent now IPS panel. The PLS panel is now the message is relative to the IPS panel in terms of a certain advantage, and where these advantages?

Here we first make a brief introduction to the PLS panel. PLS panel full name Plane to Line Switching, the drive is all electrodes are located in the same plane, the use of vertical, horizontal electric field driven liquid crystal molecules action. We can see through the following chart PLS panel in the drive with the VA class (including MVA and Samsung's own PVA) and IPS panel differences between.


As can be seen from the above chart, VA type panel is used in vertical arrangement, by the vertical electric field pressure; and IPS panel is the use of coplanar conversion form, the use of horizontal electric field for pressure; and PLS panel is the first two Of the synthesis, through the vertical and horizontal two electric field together to drive liquid crystal molecules.

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