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Knowledge classroom | Quantum point industry analysis
Jul 20, 2017

First, the quantum dot display: significantly improve the color gamut, LCD TV upgrade trend

Quantum dots are shown in the traditional LCD TV design in the light source technology, the core is significantly improved screen color gamut (70% to 110%), and the promotion of low cost, will be the future LCD TV upgrade direction and standard trend The

Second, 2017 domestic quantum point TV first year: Samsung to lead the global, domestic supply chain rise to accelerate the penetration rate increase

Samsung, the world leader in the introduction of quantum dot display technology, in the industrial chain integration layout, the core of the mastery of the mastery of significant advantages, with the domestic TV manufacturers (TCL, Hisense, etc.) technology maturity and increase the promotion and the rise of domestic upstream suppliers And quantum film costs decline, judging 2017 will be the first year of the domestic quantum dot TV, industry ushered in explosive growth.

Third, the quantum point TV and OLED TV: cost and capacity constraints determine the coexistence of more than 10 years pattern

Quantum point display and OLED is the current TV two major new display technology, due to the lower cost of quantum dots TV, capacity expansion is easy, will be the first outbreak; OLED TV by color gamut, contrast, flexibility, refresh rate and other indicators will be the future But because of the yield, cost and capacity bottlenecks, the penetration rate will be a long-term slow and gradual increase in the process.

Fourth, the industrial chain: quantum dots, quantum dots and water vapor barrier film and optical film is a huge investment opportunities

Estimated the global quantum film market in 2020 about 10 billion yuan, the next five years will continue to grow rapidly, the core chain of industry chain, including -

(1) Quantum dots, formulations, coating processes and composite membrane capabilities are core competencies;

(2) Quantum dots materials, patents are the core barriers;

(3) water vapor barrier film, base film and coating process is difficult.

Five, domestic and foreign has been the layout of the quantum dot shows the enterprise analysis

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First, the quantum dot display: significantly improve the color gamut, LCD TV upgrade trend

(A) Quantum dot display and industry chain overview

1. Quantum dots and quantum dot display

Quantum Dot is a semiconductor nanocrystal with a radius less than or close to the exciton Bohr radius and consists of a finite number of atoms, which is a quasi-zero dimension consisting mostly of a group II-VI or III-V element Nano-materials, the size of its three dimensions are 1-10nm.


From the material point of view, either by a semiconductor material composition, such as by the IIB. VIA elements (such as CdS, CdSe, CdTe, ZnSe, etc.) or IIIA. VA family elements (such as InP, InAs, etc.), can also be composed of two or more than two kinds of semiconductor materials.


The quantum properties of the quantum dots are based on their own quantum effects. When the particle size enters the nanometer scale, the size limit will cause the size effect, the quantum confinement effect, the macroscopic quantum tunneling effect and the surface effect, System and micro-system of different low-dimensional physical properties, showing a lot of different from the macroscopic material physical and chemical properties.


The quantum dot size effect plays a very important role in the display field. By precisely controlling the different sizes of the quantum dots, it can emit light of the corresponding wavelength after being excited by external energy, so the quantum dot material can achieve very pure RGB primary colors.


The simplicity of the three primary colors means that the color gamut is wider, so QD-LCD compared to ordinary LCD TV can get a higher color gamut, that color performance is better.


2. Quantum point display industry chain overview

Quantum dots show the industrial chain from upstream to downstream followed by upstream quantum dots and barrier films, midstream quantum dots and downstream quantum dots TV:

Quantum Dot Material and Barrier Film Supplier: Responsible for the design and production of quantum dot materials and barrier films, representative companies Nanosys and 3M;

Quantum point film company: the completion of the quantum dot optical film coating and composite process, representative of the company 3M, smart technology;

Terminal TV factory (foundry): responsible for the design, production and sales of quantum dots, representative companies Samsung, TCL and Hisense.


(B) QD-LCD program significantly improve the color gamut, LCD TV standard step by step

1. Quantum dots show two options: QD-LCD and AMQLED

Quantum dots show that they can be described as quantum dot backlight technology (QD-LCD) and quantum dot light emitting diode display technology (AMQLED), depending on the principle of light emission, both photoluminescence and electroluminescence.

AMQLED does not require additional light source of the self-luminous technology, its light-emitting principle and structure similar to the OLED technology, the quantum dot layer sandwiched between the electron transport and hole transport organic material layer, the external electric field to move electrons and holes to the quantum dot layer , Where they are captured to the quantum dot layer and recombined to emit photons.


Because QLED quantum dot self-luminous technology is difficult to achieve, so with the LCD with improved version of QD-LCD technology came into being, QD-LCD is a layer of quantum film on the LCD (or non-film other ways), these quantum The point material works in conjunction with blue light emitting diodes, blue light emitting blue light, and provides two different ways for quantum dots to supply photon energy to produce red and green light.


2. AMQLED did not break through the bottleneck of industrialization

AMQLED has not yet commercialized, mainly because QLED quantum dots because of its easy to heat and moisture, can not achieve the evaporation method, and soluble printing method is being developed, in addition to AMQLED there are factors such as the reliability of the material, so the industry that It takes at least 10 years to commercialize QLED from a genuine version.

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