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Related to the touch screen yellow process related to the process set
Jun 26, 2017

As the most mainstream of the current touch screen production process, yellow process is widely used in the touch screen manufacturers in the production process. In fact, the process of yellow light in the production process, the operator will encounter a variety of problems, this article will be based on the production process encountered problems and solutions to organize a set for reference.

PHOTO process?

A: glazing resistance → exposure → development → post-development check → CD measurement → Overlay measurement

What is photoresist? What is its function? What are the two

A: Photoresist is a photographic substance whose function is to pass a pattern from a Reticle to a medium on Wafer. Which is divided into positive photoresist and negative photoresist.

What is the light resistance?

A: Positive photoresist, is a kind of photoresist, the characteristics of this photoresist is its exposure, the photosensitive part of the nature will change, and in the subsequent development process is exposed part of the exposed.

What is negative photoresist?

A: Negative photoresist is also a type of photoresist, after exposure, the nature of the photosensitive part is changed, but the characteristics of this photoresist and the characteristics of positive resistance just opposite, the photosensitive part of the development process in the future Is left behind, and the part that has not been photographed is removed by the developing process.

What is exposure? What is the development?

A: exposure is through the light exposure photoresist, so that the light; development is the completion of the graphics after the exposure to the graphics clearly show the process.

What is it?

A: Photo = Photolithgraphy, lithography, the process of imaging graphics from the mask onto the photoresist.

What is the main process?

A: Photo process is divided into pre-processing, photoresist, Soft Bake, exposure, PEB, development, Hard Bake and so on.

What is the PHOTO area before processing?

A: Wafer on the surface before the need to apply a series of Wafer surface treatment work, so that the photoresist in the back of the coating process can be more reliable coating. Preprocessing mainly includes Bake, HDMS and other processes. Where the moisture absorbed by the Wafer surface is removed by Bake and then subjected to HDMS work to make the Wafer surface more easily combined with photoresist.

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