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Small and thin two-color chip LED to help industrial display panel to achieve multi-color / thin
Aug 16, 2017

In recent years, in the industrial equipment or consumer electronics products on the digital display, the use of chip LED situation more and more. Traditionally, the use of monochrome, but hope that by changing the color to confirm the abnormal situation of the market demand is gradually increased.

On the other hand, to change the color of the display must use two LED, and compared to monochrome, two-color will make the size larger, and the need to prepare two monochrome and two-color package, it will produce 2 Times the cost of development issues.


ROHM has developed a small 1608 size (1.6x0.8mm) color chip LED-SML-D22MUW, can support industrial equipment or consumer electronics display panel (display panel) digital display to achieve multi-color.

The product developed by the red and green color LED chip installed in the same size with the monochrome chip 1.6x0.8mm package, can save space and provide a variety of colors. Compared to the traditional two-color (1.5x1.3mm), not only to reduce the space of 35%, but also contribute to the application of its display panel thin.

In addition, consider the use of reflow when the customer refurbished conditions, the package has taken to prevent the penetration of solder countermeasures, to avoid penetration of resin within the solder, reduce failure and ensure high reliability. This product has been sampling since June. And from August onwards scheduled to produce 3 million units to start mass production shipments.

Technical characteristics

The smallest two-color chip LED miniaturization of the machine equipment / thin

SML-D22MUW In addition to the miniaturization of components, the use of long-term research and development of PICOLED (Note 1) installation technology and wire bonding (Note 2) technology, the red and green color LED installed in the monochrome chip LED The same size of the 1.6x0.8mm package.


In addition, since the two-color light source is installed in the 1.2x0.8mm light-emitting part, so the color of the exchange of good, in addition to the development of the red and green LED, but also create the middle color.

Eliminate solder penetration measures to ensure high reliability


The solder intrusion from the well-enriched gold pattern is blocked by a stopper that provides a resist before the gold plating treatment.

But also because it can prevent solder penetration into the resin, it can also eliminate the short circuit caused by the anomaly, help to improve the reliability.

The bottom electrode is finer


As the package uses the bottom electrode, the installation interval can be shorter, in the dot matrix (dot matrix) in the display more finely.

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