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Talking about the Cost of Smartphone Panel and the Advantages and Disadvantages of TFT Technology
Aug 21, 2017

With the 5-inch full HD smartphone panel continues to be the market traction, increasing demand, manufacturers are beginning to introduce new manufacturing technology to reduce power consumption in high-resolution situations. 2013 5-inch panel shipments are expected to be more than 100 million, of which 5% used in mobile phone display.

According to reports, there are four manufacturing technologies available for 5-inch FHD smart phone panel provides active matrix TFT backplane: the traditional a-SiTFT, oxideTFT and LTPSTFT, all of which use LCD, and LTPSTFT as AMOLED display backplane.

"While Apple iPhone vendors focus on the production of LTPSLCD displays, other oxideTFT vendors are trying to solve this problem and gain a competitive advantage that these technologies have their own," said YoonsungChung, director of large-area displays and FPD materials at NPD DisplaySearch. The advantages and disadvantages of this, for panel makers to choose the most appropriate technology to meet the requirements will be crucial.

Most of the current smart phone LCD screen using a-SiTFT display products, because the technology is more mature, and the cost is relatively low, although it is worse than oxide or LTPS TFT performance. According to NPD DisplaySearch, the manufacturing cost gap between a-Si and oxide screens is about 3%, and the gap between oxide and LTPSTFT is 11%. However, as display performance continues to increase, the performance requirements for backplanes are also increasing, especially for high-resolution smartphone displays.

Chung said Oxide TFT offers the potential to reduce costs and improve performance, the cost of oxide displays is similar to that of a-Si displays, while oxide performance is close to LTPS; however, its instability, low yields and other technologies Obstacles, may slow down the use of the process. "

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