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Teach you how to repair the dead pixels of the LCD screen
Jun 12, 2017

With the recent imaging technology to further mature, many people choose to replace the home TV products, although the colorful light and shine is gratifying, but if the screen appears dead pixels, or make the screen effect greatly reduced. Due to the global definition of the standard level of bad points different standards, many manufacturers are the default panel of a dead pixel if less than 3 to 6 is a qualified product, if such a less perfect product into their own hands, we should How to deal with it?

What is bad point?

LCD large screen by a lot of points, each point because of the RGB three primary colors continue to change the formation of color and image. But if the pixel has a problem, so that the color is no longer change, they formed a dead pixel. Dead pixels are usually divided into several, if it is a bright spot, then the point of the pixel just stuck, and we can repair such dead pixels. But if it is dark dark spots, it means that the point completely broken, even if the repair is invalid.

Repair of liquid crystal screen dead pixels

Marker squeeze method

Turn on the TV, set the screen display as a pure black screen (or other and bad dot color contrasting solid color), so you can make the highlights at a glance. Find a pen cap smooth pen, the pen cap against the bright light gently squeeze, then you will see the white light, if not, you can slightly increase some of the intensity. About 5 to 10 after the extrusion, the display of liquid crystal flow inside, you can let the pixels back to normal, and then let the bright spot disappears.

Hot towel heating method

Use the pen cap squeeze the LCD screen, may be because the user is too large to cause damage to the screen, if you worry about the power is not allowed, we can also use a relatively safe hot towel heating method to repair the bright spot. Put the towel in hot water soaked, if possible, with the fire on the water of the pot to heat until the bottom of the bubble so far. And then remove the towel, put it on the insulated gloves to wring it dry. The hot towel on a bright spot on the screen, try to ensure that the heat concentrated in the bright spot, hot 10 minutes or so, making the display inside the liquid crystal flow, so that bright spots disappear.

· Software repair method

As the TV product features more and more rich, we can also through the software for its dead pixels repair. Take this as an example of "LCD Highlights Repair Tool" as an example. First connect our TV to your computer and switch the source to the appropriate port, open the software, set the monitor to the best resolution, and turn off Windows Screensaver. If there are multiple highlights, you can first set the number of flash points in the "Flash windows" option. At this time there will be multiple flashing points on the screen, with the mouse to drag them to the bright spot position, and right click to set their color. Then in the "Flash size" select the size of the flash point, then through the "Flash interval" to adjust the flicker cycle, and finally click "Start" to repair. Running time need more than 20 minutes, most cases will take 12 to 24 hours to take effect. This method can repair most of the highlights, the LCD TV, notebook LCD screen highlights the role of repair.

Need to remind everyone that the above method is more suitable for the warranty period or manufacturers do not return the product. If you can return, it is best to directly replace a new product is better.

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