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The concept of multi - screen splicing
Jun 22, 2017

The display into the 16: 10,16: 9 widescreen era, the size has obviously not much of the restrictions. For a gamer, the purchase of a 30-inch LCD monitor is no longer the problem of Superman imagination. But compared to 30-inch monitor, the purchase of dual-screen or three-screen 27-inch LCD monitor, the cost is not a small advantage. Multi-screen splicing The appearance of this avant-garde new concept makes the player not only limited to a monitor resolution of the shock effect. To three 23-inch widescreen LCD display splicing, for example, they can be composed of 5760 × 1080 or 3240 × 1920 resolution resolution, so that the game screen is more delicate and excellent. On the basis of human physiologically acceptable, multi-screen splicing provides greater display area and more comfortable applications, and NVIDIA, ATI now offers three-screen or even six-screen splicing solution. So, how to explain this avant-garde, trendy multi-screen splicing concept?

One, multi-screen splicing concept and suitable for splicing the display features

A good game requires a higher resolution, so the concept of multi-screen stitching game players are no strangers to the game. In view of the purchase of professional ultra-high resolution display expensive, a lot of game enthusiasts out of a solution to the program is to use more than the same size of the LCD display, through a certain technology together to make it simple to achieve large screen output, This is what we usually call the multi-screen stitching.

Multi-screen splicing display often appear such as splicing gap is too large, take up a lot of space and other defects, more importantly, the display is difficult to satisfactory. To achieve a good stitching effect, in addition to the requirements of the graphics card, the display of the stitching should also adhering to the "ultra-narrow side" requirements, the narrower the border, stitching the gap caused by the smaller.

First of all, multi-screen splicing of the display are used in ultra-narrow frame shape of the LCD, left and right along the splicing joints smaller, you can reduce the impact of the gap on the display effect, and three-screen or multi-screen splicing LCD monitor resolution A greater degree of expansion. Because multi-screen splicing is the use of multiple screens together, so when each LCD display are selected the best resolution, after a number of screen patch, the resolution is added, to achieve a single screen can not achieve ultra-high resolution rate. Ultra-high resolution will be able to provide more delicate picture performance, it can provide players with more sophisticated gaming experience.

Second, multi-screen splicing of the monitor can choose a single bracket or wall-mounted stitching, which not only saves the user's space desktop, but also let the desktop display more flexible. Wall mount stitching is not as flexible as a single bracket, in addition to wall stitching can be horizontal or vertical screen stitching, the single bracket can also be left and right sides of the forward tilt or up and down operation, the user can according to their actual needs to easily achieve multi-screen splicing.

Again, the three-screen or multi-screen splice LCD provides greater visual area. In the multi-screen splicing display, each screen has its own display area, get superimposed, the overall stitching LCD display area is also a substantial increase, so the user brings more shocking picture experience.

Second, multi-screen stitching for the crowd

1, fever game player's desktop tool.

For gamers, the resolution of a screen is far from enough. Multiple screens are used together, whether it is resolution or visual area have been effectively improved. In the course of the game, players can get more realistic picture performance, a stronger experience. Multi-screen stitching the most suitable game or racing games or simulated flight games, so this type of game is more suitable for ultra-high resolution, while other games in the increase in a large number of resolution values, the operation is more difficult, Affecting the user's experience. Then, after editing the research, the current support for multi-screen display splicing games are: real-time strategy game "StarCraft 2", the first person called the game "Call of Duty 6", fighting game "Street Fighter 4", racing games "Dust 2", "Need for Speed", online game "World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King" and so on.

2, large business show

LCD display applications continue to expand to LCD (LCD) for the splicing unit of the large-screen system, in the field of large-screen monitoring applications gradually be the user attention. Commercial large screen display systems and application solutions, including digital signage, electronic whiteboard, outdoor display and so on, are being developed on a global scale. The applications include power industry, financial industry, coal industry, medical industry, transportation industry, Retail industry, media industry and other industries. It can be seen that commercial large-screen display systems and application solutions have attracted the attention of users. 2009 Samsung leading the world's first to launch the bilateral patchwork 6.7mm seamless LCD splicing display, LCD splicing market set off a burst of "seamless" splicing the wind, other domestic and foreign commercial large-screen manufacturers have followed suit to launch similar products. We know that in the commercial field, large-screen LCD display is the best commercial display, multi-screen stitching is the lowest cost of commercial display options. With multi-screen stitching, users can increase the number of displays to achieve a larger size of the display screen, even hundreds of inches are not in the words. So this solution will become the best way to show business.

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