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Touch screen technology classification and their working principle
Jun 15, 2017

Touch screen as a new human-computer interaction device, is being more and more users and developers of concern. It is the simplest and most convenient input device.

In the field of public information inquiry, in order to facilitate the operation, people use the touch screen instead of the mouse and keyboard, the designer can design software for a variety of different user interface, the user does not need specialized operational knowledge, only need to function according to the icon Touch the screen on the response position, you can achieve the required operation, easy to use, fast, great convenience does not understand the computer operation of ordinary users. This new way of human-computer interaction, so that multimedia applications show a new look, to give users a better experience.

In the field of portable devices, especially mobile applications, through the use of touch screen technology, designers can completely abandon the digital keyboard space occupied by mobile phone screen to increase the display space, this way, the phone's entertainment function has been greatly improved, the developer You can more freedom to play their own ideas, to the user to bring more novel features and applications. Touch screen mobile phone is the biggest feature of its large screen, users can bring visual enjoyment, both from the text or image aspects are reflected in the big screen features.

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