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10.5 Generation, 11 Generations Of Plants Have Been Put Into Operation After The Mainland Panel Production Capacity Of The World's Largest
Aug 21, 2017

According to the Sigmaintell data, along with BOE, Huaxing Optoelectronics 10.5, 11-generation panel plant put into operation, the second quarter of 2019 mainland China will surpass South Korea, becoming the world's largest LCD production capacity of the region. Is expected after 2020, BOE generation of panel production capacity will exceed LGD, become the world's largest production capacity of the panel factory.

LCD TV replacement demand in the tide driven by the global TV panel, the average size of steady growth, large-scale process to accelerate, driven by the demand area continued to grow. According to the group intelligence consultation statistics, the average size of the global TV panel in 2016 increased by 2.1 inches. But in 2017 by the past year, a substantial increase in panel prices, the average size growth rate has slowed down, the average size of the year is expected to TV panel 44.1 inches, compared to the previous year growth of 1.4 inches, and by 2022, is expected to average Size will be more than 50 inches. Global TV panel large-scale steady progress, contribute to the production capacity of 10.5 plants.

Qunzhi consultation pointed out that the next five years, at least six more than 10.5 generations of high-generation lines in succession production, driven by 10.5 production capacity of the rapid growth. It is expected that by 2022, production capacity of more than 10 generations will be close to 30% of the production capacity of high generation lines (7 generations or more), which will become the main production capacity of TV panel production. The main investors of the 10.5 generation plants are mainland panel makers.

The current 65-inch and 75-inch TV panel mainly in the 6 generation, 7.5 generation, 8.5 generation plant production, cutting efficiency is low. In the 10.5 generation plant, a glass can basically cut 8 65-inch panel and 6 75-inch panel, cutting efficiency will be greatly improved. With the 65-inch and 75-inch and other large size gradually become the next stage of the mainstream market products, and 10.5 generations of plants with large-size panel economic cutting benefits, will guide the global TV panel production dominance to more than 8.5 generation transfer.

BOE in Hefei's 10.5 generation plant will be mass production next year, recently announced that it will invest in the second 10.5 factory in Wuhan, Huaxing photoelectric 11 plants will be put into operation in 2019. In addition there are Hon Hai in the 10.5 generation plant in Guangzhou, and Hui Branch is planning the 10.5 generation plant. By 2019, BOE will surpass Korea's gold show, becoming the largest panel panel for global panel production capacity. From 2021 onwards, Huaxing Optoelectronics will also surpass Qunchuang and become the fourth largest panel manufacturer in the world.

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