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All The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Touch Technology
Jun 27, 2017

OGS led the monolithic glass touch technology solutions in the ascendant, a new generation of touch technology - Meta Mesh (commonly known as metal mesh, metal network) and quietly forming. Not only Taiwan touch panel manufacturers ocean, the interface are actively engaged in Metal Mesh touch technology research, China's Shenzhen enterprises Oufei light Metal Mesh touch panel products have been formally mass production, the initial will be used in touch notebook computers.

The existing touch-conductive material does not apply to large-size screens because the larger the screen size will increase the amount of processing data required, and the resistance requirements will increase. When the size is as large as 14 inches, ITO The use of materials such as Metal Mesh, nano-silver, carbon nanotubes, graphene and other attention, which in turn Metal Mesh and nano-silver line development is more mature, is currently the most promising production of alternative materials.

Metal Mesh has excellent electrical properties, can achieve on-cell single-layer multi-point large-scale breakthrough, Metal Mesh touch technology is considered to have the opportunity to become a large-size application of mainstream touch technology, in the large size of the touch Market, alternative ITO transparent conductive film (TCF) Recently topic hot, the current ITO alternative material to nano-silver (Ag NW) and Metal Mesh for the most "close" commercial program. If you can use Metal-mesh (metal network) to replace the traditional ITO conductive layer, can make the resistance lower, the conductive layer is thinner, Metal-mesh technology is expected to further strengthen the Film touch screen cost advantage.

Earlier film touch panels were considered to be more noisey when used in large-size products, but in order not to rule out the trend of large-size touch applications, thin-film touch panel manufacturers are actively looking for a new generation of solutions , So found Metal Mesh. Metal Mesh is a new conductive material, touch sensor technology, to replace the traditional ITO film.

As the thin-film touch technology in the small size application has been very mature and very cost-effective, therefore, Metal Mesh with its technical characteristics of the advantages of the beginning of the supplier set the main attack 11.6 inches or more, large-size application market, including notebook Computer, All in One integrated computer and other products, a small number will be used in the Tablet PC.

Limiting factor

Metal Mesh process, first in the film above the silver bromide coating, and then through the yellow process exposure, wash silver and other procedures, and finally get the silver Metal Mesh. Recently, the manufacturers are putting Roll to Roll roll-to-roll process development. Roll to Roll Metal Mesh production process will face the problem of disconnection (especially the silver wash stage), broken line position will significantly reduce the yield of finished products.

The current problem is that Metal Mesh yield instability, the second is the ability to mass production Metal Mesh touch panel business less, the third is the use of Metal Mesh and LCD panel with the cost will increase.

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