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Analyze The Difference Between The LCD And PDP DLP Large Screen TV Walls
Jun 21, 2017

Rear projection to achieve the principle is very simple, set up a projector inside the projector, the image is amplified by the lens after the projection to the back of the screen, is the rear projection. It is based on the principle of the birth of the rear projection, due to the use of different types of projectors, can be divided into CRT (cathode ray tube), LCD (liquid crystal), DLP (digital light processing) and several.

Advantages: cheap low-end display program.

Disadvantages: volume and weight is too large, long uninterrupted work, to speed up the backlight aging.

A Brief Analysis of Plasma

PDP is a gas discharge using the display technology, its working principle and fluorescent lamp is very similar. It uses a plasma tube as a light-emitting element, the screen corresponds to a pixel of each pixel, the glass screen as a substrate, the substrate interval of a certain distance to form a discharge space. Discharge space filled with neon, xenon and other mixed inert gas as a working medium, in the inner side of the two glass substrates coated with metal oxide conductive film for the excitation electrode. When the voltage is applied to the electrode, the mixed gas in the discharge space generates a plasma discharge phenomenon, also called a plasma effect. Plasma discharge generated ultraviolet, UV excitation coated with red, green and blue phosphor screen, the phosphor screen to emit visible light, showing the image.

Advantages: bright colors, high brightness, high contrast

Disadvantages: power and heat a lot of serious burns, picture quality decreases with time, and the formation of each piece of splicing screen between the color.

Brief Analysis of LCD Principle

Liquid crystal is the use of liquid crystal under the action of the principle of deflection of the voltage. Since the liquid crystals that make up the screen can display red, green and blue tricolor colors at the same point, or one point of the liquid crystal is superimposed by three points, they are arranged in a certain order, and these liquid crystals are stimulated by the voltage, You can show a different color, with a proportion of different proportions can show a variety of colors. LCD itself is not glowing, it depends on the backlight to light, so the LCD depends on the backlight. As the use of liquid crystal imaging point of the reasons, so the screen inside the more points, the more sophisticated imaging results, vertical and horizontal points constitute the LCD TV resolution, the higher the resolution, the better the effect.

Advantages: high resolution, thin thickness, light weight, low power consumption, long life, no radiation.

Disadvantages: splicing seam slightly larger.

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