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Break The Exclusive Monopoly Of Samsung High Resolution OLED Panel! DNP Will Provide WQHD OLED FMM To BOE
Jul 10, 2017

China panel factory BOE will produce WQHD resolution OLED, breaking the Samsung high-resolution OLED panel exclusive monopoly market structure, more Chinese mobile phone brand will have the opportunity to launch WQHD smartphone.

CINNO Research CEO Chen Liya that, WQHD high-resolution OLED screen can be achieved localization, means that high-end flexible OLED and AR / VR display localization prospects are more clear, help to accelerate the domestic OLED panel enterprise market process.


According to South Korea ETNews reported on June 20, Samsung Display and Japan DNP (Dai Nippon Printing) in the small and medium-sized OLED panel production metal mask (FMM) on the exclusive supply contract at the beginning of this year has been terminated, and DNP is a supplier of OLED mask metal mask with WQHD resolution.

It is understood that DNP and Samsung display OLED metal mask exclusive supply contract termination, that is, with the Chinese panel manufacturers signed a metal mask version of the supply contract, it is said that the Chinese panel makers are BOE.

So far, DNP only to the Samsung display to provide smart phones with OLED display with the production of metal mask version. With its technical capabilities, you can create a small aperture thin metal mask, Samsung also shows almost monopoly of small and medium size OLED smart phone panel of the global market.

In the OLED production process, it is necessary to deposit RGB (red, green, blue) organic matter through the metal mask and to form the pixels, which can improve the resolution and yield by accurately and finely depositing the organic matter in the desired place. Therefore, the metal mask is considered to have a high degree of technical difficulty of the main production fixture.


The main technical difficulty of the metal mask is to create a thin metal mask with a small aperture. When the organic matter is deposited at high temperature, the stacking pattern of organic matter is deposited according to the thickness and deposition direction of the mask. The shadow distance determines the pixel size and the resolution decreases as the shadow distance becomes larger The So the mask aperture needs to be minimized.

DNP has a thin metal masking technology capable of producing low CTE (expansion coefficient), and even at high temperatures, the expansion or sagging of the metal mask can be minimized. Prior to the DNP only to Samsung show exclusive thickness of 10 to 20 microns to provide a metal mask version.

DNP and Samsung contract agreement, even with the Samsung show the termination of the contract, can not be sold to customers outside of Samsung and Samsung to show the same security products. However, due to DNP in this area has unparalleled technical advantages, it is expected that even if only to other panel manufacturers to provide lower-order products, but the technical level differences will soon shorten.

This is one of the reasons why Chinese panel makers are working quickly with DNP. As China panel factory in the small and medium-sized OLED technology capacity is still catching stage, the current maximum can only produce FHD (1920x1080) resolution OLED panel. And if you use DNP's metal mask, they will soon be able to develop WQHD (2560x1440) resolution OLED panels.

In the industry, DNP plans to provide Chinese panel makers with metal masks of about 30 microns thick. Although it is thicker than the metal mask provided to Samsung, it is said to be used to produce WQHD resolution OLED panels.

Samsung is working with South Korea Wave Electronics and TGO Tech and other companies to develop their own metal mask, but it is said that because of the high technical difficulty, is still more difficult R & D stage.

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