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China's Panel Terminal Equipment Retail Sales In 2017 Rapid Growth
Jun 19, 2017

China's panel market usher in a new development, retail sales in 2017 is expected to exceed 40 million square meters

The old saying goes, "granting people to fish as a grant to fishing," the panel as one of China's largest industrial imports, over the years has been heavily dependent on imports.

However, in recent years with the large-screen mobile phones, large-scale television gradually popular, combined with Huawei, OPPO, VIVO as the representative of the rapid rise of domestic brands to promote the BOE, Tianma as the representative of the domestic upstream enterprises have new capacity to To meet the growing demand for terminals, leading to China's panel terminal equipment retail area increased rapidly.

GfK data show that in 2016 China's panel terminal equipment retail area of 35 million square meters, with the gradual increase in upstream production capacity and the average size of the retail market continues to improve, is expected to retail area in 2017 is expected to exceed 40 million square meters, an increase of 14% , Equivalent to 5600 standard football field size.

Large-size products are increasingly favored by consumers

At the same time, from the use of panel terminal equipment habits, large-size products are increasingly favored by Chinese consumers to television, smart phones and IT products (notebooks, desktops and tablet PCs) as the representative of the panel terminal Equipment, large-scale trend is obvious.

GfK data show that, as of 2016, the average size of China's TV, IT products and smart phones continued to grow, which IT products to enhance the average size of the fastest, two years to enhance the 4 inches to 15.6 inches, the average size of the TV is up to 46.3 inches, the average size of the phone also broke through the 5-inch.

It is not difficult to find, in recent years, high-definition video resources continue to enrich, more and more display terminal equipment, giving consumers a better use and viewing experience, on the other hand, with the domestic high-generation line panel plant put into operation, Panel cutting technology continues to mature, improve the yield and capacity of climbing, but also further accelerate the average size of the terminal equipment to enhance.

Consumer upgrades led the average price of end products rose

After several years of rapid development, smart phones are following the pace of television and IT products, to replace the demand-oriented market.

With the Chinese consumer upgrades and the rising prices of raw materials, the retail market is gradually moving in the direction of high-end. GfK China panel terminal equipment retail monitoring data show that as of the first quarter of 2017, the main panel terminal equipment retail prices are varying degrees of rise.

Domestic brands force, supply chain resources into the future key

In this trend under the guidance of Huawei, OPPO, VIVO as the representative of the domestic brands, on the one hand to surface, double photo and other new technology flagship their own selling point, on the other hand is also gradually changing their own propaganda strategy to "beauty" , "Self-timer", "fast charge" and other concepts, from the perspective of consumer experience to strengthen publicity, and other brands cross-border cooperation, from the hardware performance, appearance, user experience and technological innovation and other high-end market.

GfK data show that by the end of 2016, China's major panel terminal equipment retail sales of 1.3 trillion yuan, an increase of 6%.

Among them, the domestic brand retail sales share of 63%, an increase of 6 percentage points last year, brand concentration to further increase the Matthew effect highlights.

In contrast, foreign brands, in the surface screen, OLED technology, the rapid rise of the current supply chain resources on their effective control, has become its largest core competitiveness, and this advantage will become a foreign brand in 2017 launched a counterattack The important weight.

Panel terminal equipment of the Internet properties, leading the future development of things

Looking ahead, in the smart home, the gradual rise of things today, the panel terminal equipment to rely on its high frequency of human-computer interaction frequency and congenital Internet attributes, is bound to lead the development of the entire networking industry leader.

With the continuous upgrading of products and the upgrading of the domestic market consumption, this trend will also be constantly radiation to the surrounding various types of terminal equipment, and thus promote the entire Internet of things terminal equipment retail market and the development of the industry is expected by 2020, China Internet of things terminal equipment is expected to break the scale of 2 trillion yuan, has become a "battleground."

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