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Display Large PK Small Size AMOLED Eye-catching
Jun 28, 2017

Wisdom show and touch show "Touch Taiwan 2016" in today (24) debut, panel factory match. TV panel, the panel double tiger main 65-inch 8K ultra-high resolution panel, as the small and medium size is focused AMOLED technology, display car, wearing devices and VR virtual reality and other applications.

AUO will launch a series of large-scale advanced display technology and products at the exhibition, including the full-plane borderless ALCD ultra-cutting display technology TV panel, as well as 8K4K ultra-high resolution full-plane borderless surface TV panel. The gaming area will show a full range of high refresh rate, high-resolution full-frame borderless gaming LCD panel, to create high-level professional-level competition. In addition, ultra-high-resolution special-shaped cutting surface of the vehicle panel, high-resolution AMOLED car panel, high-resolution, high contrast medical panel, and the sun is clearly readable ultra-low power half wear back panel is also displayed.

Group will showcase the first 5.5-inch WQHD Flexible AMOLED, 534 ppi high-precision soft AMOLED, open up the surface of high-precision AMOLED technology. The use of plastic substrate + LTPS process, high-precision Zhang network technology, coupled with thin film packaging, and with independent development of pixel rendering technology developed from research, with ultra-thin, high contrast, high color saturation characteristics, surface technology can make end products Design more variable, to achieve a narrow frame design, high resolution to make the image appear more clearly. In addition, the group and show 12.3-inch high-brightness car AMOLED, with high brightness, high contrast, high color saturation, high color resolution is very suitable for car use at night, dark state display can still provide high contrast and color distortion , To solve the current vehicle display dark state light leakage problem.

The latest feature of E Ink Makes Every Surface Smart, featuring electronic paper products in consumer electronics, mobile and wearing devices, the latest applications of smart life, including electronic paper notebooks, e-book readers, dual-screen phones, mobile phone back cover screens , Wisdom bracelet, smart card, shelf labels, baggage tags, digital billboards, wisdom kit, intelligent home remote control, and construction applications. There are also easy-to-use design solutions (Easy Design-In) that can shorten the product development time and the electronic paper development kits for customer evaluation.

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