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From The LCD Virtual Instrument To Travel Solutions, Neusoft E-Janus How To Go?
Jul 10, 2017

From the Tesla Model S come out, to last year's Roewe RX5 burst red, you will find the development of intelligent network background, the number of LCD panels in the city year after year. In particular, liquid crystal display technology for nearly a decade to become the mainstream market, after continuous upgrades, whether it is LCD panel or IC chip part, the technology has become mature. In addition to IVI car entertainment information system, display more dazzling, richer content of the liquid crystal instrument has become a private car when we consider the factors. At the same time all the LCD instrument is no longer a luxury model of the match, BYD, Mustang, Changan, Zhongtai and other independent brands Jiajia high-end models are also equipped with.

As the first appearance of the Asian Consumer Electronics Show (CES Asia) Neusoft, bringing the whole LCD virtual instrument solutions e-Janus, C4-Alfus new generation of cockpit system platform, car interconnection, auxiliary driving and car networking security, new energy Product and power management platform and other technical solutions.


In the field with the Neusoft Group Vice President and Automotive Electronics Solutions Division Cluster product line general manager Zhang Jin, on the full LCD instrument product functional safety, I³-Janus technology brand strategic planning, intelligent interconnection of traditional instruments and IVI The impact of system products and other issues in detail chat.


E-Janus full LCD virtual instrument

Neusoft in 1991 and Alpine cooperation into the field of automotive electronics, has now completed by the automotive electronics provider to the overall solution provider strategic transformation. According to the understanding of the vehicle, the Neusoft automotive business involves car infotainment, T-Box, all-LCD instrument, car networking security, mobile Internet, ADAS, V2X and other product lines and open "cloud platform", the future will gradually provide vehicles and Intelligent terminal integration, intelligent products and solutions.


As the first full-virtual LCD virtual instrument, e-Janus lasted two and a half years to complete the development, the first production case program launched in the first half of 2018, by the Alpine Dalian Jinzhou factory production. It can display the vehicle status information, fault alarm information, regular information, driving computer information, traffic alarm information and abnormal reminders, support 3D virtual dial UI, according to car needs HMI customized, there are comfortable, urban and sports Three versions, the owner can according to their own preferences for different theme switching.


According to field engineers, e-Janus integrated car entertainment information and navigation information, compatible with the car Ethernet, can display V2X alarm information and abnormal reminders, experience, e-Janus quality and response speed are pretty good, no Obvious hysteresis.

Asked how e-Janus is functional in terms of design and functional implementation? 'Zhang entered the answer, e-Janus is based on ISO26262 functional safety standards developed using HMI development tools Rightware Kanzi, QNX operating system and Renesas R-Car series platform, and ARM Cortex-A7 dual-core architecture, 28nm process SoC, stable Sex and safety are vehicle level. In addition, Neusoft will be based on different levels of vehicle market positioning, according to the needs of different brands for custom development.

E-Janus is just the beginning, the future is the travel solution

As an important part of Neusoft's automotive electronics division, the in-car interactive business segment covers both the car entertainment information system and the intelligent cockpit platform. Prior to the launch of the e-Janus Full LCD Virtual Instrument, Neusoft already owned the T-Alfus entry-level in-car infotainment platform, C3-Alfus cloud and content-driven in-vehicle infotainment systems and the C4-Alfus new generation cockpit system platform.

October 2016, Neusoft joint Intel, FAW Red Flag tripartite cooperation jointly developed the "smart cockpit platform" C4-Aflus release, a new generation of full LCD dashboard e-Janus also launched.


The e-Janus may have a similar e-Janus 1.0, e-Janus 2.0 or e-Janus, e-Janus pro, e- Janus air 'name sequence, and how to reflect the e-Janus brand product sequence differences, Zhang Jin said that will focus on both hardware and software deployment:

The first is the hardware selection. Such as SoC products, performance and efficiency will certainly rise year by year, Neusoft will be based on customer and product demand, select the most cost-effective hardware system;

Followed by HMI. Neusoft has been adhering to the "software-driven products" concept, that is, good products through software to reflect its value. The future of the whole LCD instrument will not simply show the speed, speed, mileage and other information, in addition to the host and the Internet interaction, and ADAS or 360 ° panoramic image monitoring system interaction, etc., these must be achieved through continuous upgrades The

So, we can easily understand why as Neusoft full LCD instrument platform, Neusoft will be based on e-Janus, the future gradually build a more sustainable i ³-Janus technology brand, i ³-Janus will run through the integration , Interconnection, intelligent ideas, continue to add personalized theme display, cloud intelligent update, instrumentation and infotainment system integration and other functions and features. Will also be an open technology platform, combined with Neusoft in automatic driving, enhance the reality of the field of continuous research and development, the future will be able to provide a complete travel solution.


The Inspiration of Automatic Driving and Intelligent Reuters in the Development of Instrument / IVI Traditional

With the continuous development and popularization of automatic driving technology, the automotive industry may experience a downright change. Last week, Intel's joint consulting firm Strategy Analytics released a research report, the first mention of 'passenger economy' concept, said "to 2050, automatic driving market dividend of 7 trillion US dollars." The emergence of travel as a service, making the interaction between consumers and cars richer form, so the new situation, the traditional IVI and instrumentation business has more tapable product space.

Zhang Jin that "integration will be driven by automatic driving technology to get off the car within the two screen ownership." In the high-end models, IVI system will be more powerful, better user experience, while the whole LCD virtual instrument to become standard, cool UI, more humane HMI, integrated more car networking, automatic driving function, and IVI integration deeper; and in the low-end models, may take low-cost solutions, compared to high-end models in the integration of the two screens are slightly weaker; but in the low-end models, the instrument and IVI Fully integrated together, through a screen to complete the traditional instrument and car entertainment information system simple function.


He further explained

"In fact, most of the owners do not always pay attention to speed or tank temperature and other information, so in fact the instrument this screen there is a very large use of space, you can do some traditional instruments can not do things. Of course, IVI part Function transplant over, it is also conducive to the cost of IVI down, the use of instruments to achieve the relevant interactive features. From this point of view, can not absolutely say that the instrument did not or IVI gone, but the integration is an eternal The theme of the ".

And asked "how the future development of car HMI will evolve?", Zhang Jin put forward their own views:

"First of all, Neusoft will not pursue a pure replacement mechanical instrument such a model, but also not simply the pursuit of 3D effect. Because if you want to pursue 3D effects, it is better to change back to mechanical instruments, it is purely physical 3D, the effect is absolutely the most Well, we hope that this instrument system and the owner's habits can be more consistent, so why e-Janus theme can be customized by the owner of the editor, this area shows what information, that area shows what information, are the owner of the final say;

Second, if you want to interact with other products, then, LCD screen has its own advantages, which is mechanical instrument can not replace the ".

Car cloud summary

As one of the four major business segments of automotive electronics interaction, Neusoft took two lines of parallel development of the road, that is, car entertainment information system and intelligent cockpit platform. Through customized solutions, to take the software-driven product technology route. According to Zhang Jin revealed the information, the first half of next year equipped with C4-Alfus smart cockpit red flag models will be mass production, while e-Janus full LCD virtual instrument will enter the production model.

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