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How Does LCD Display Screen Improve Project Budget Accuracy?
Oct 19, 2017

LCD Display Screen project budget for the project is very important, the budget will inevitably lead to unnecessary waste, and even lead to corruption problems; and less budget, it will lead to the progress of construction is affected, and even affect the payment of wages, so the How to improve the accuracy of the project budget for everyone is a compulsory course, today to share an article teach you how to improve the accuracy of the project budget can help you!

First, pay attention to the construction map budget

The construction budget is accurate and can provide many references for the completion of the project settlement and reduce the post-settlement workload.

First, calculate the amount of engineering accurately. The calculation of the amount of engineering is the main part of the budget of the construction plan. It is the most complicated process in the whole budget preparation process. The most frequently used and the most likely error is the main data of the whole budget. Basis, therefore, must grasp the accuracy of the amount of engineering. Accurate calculation of the amount of engineering must be familiar with and detailed understanding of all the construction drawings and all the design technical information, and calculated according to the calculation of the rules of calculation, is conducive to reasonable and accurate according to the relevant provisions of the quota.

Second, accurate sets of prices. Pre-settlement must be true, objectively reflect the actual cost of the project, therefore, the price can not be a high price of which project which set, the price should be proficient in the quota book description, work content and unit price composition, and use Similar to the project budget, the corresponding quota for the control set, to reduce the probability of missing items. On the lack of fixed items, according to their own experience combined with the actual construction situation, the determination of labor, materials, mechanical consumption, fair and reasonable to determine the actual construction unit price.

Finally, note that the preparation of the statement of the top of the settlement should be based on the preparation of the budget and the preparation process of some of the problems encountered and the approach, as well as the main workload of the project to be systematically described in order to facilitate the preparation of supplementary budget , To ensure the accuracy of the project settlement work.

Second, in-depth construction site, master the first-hand information

LCD Display Screen project pre-settlement accuracy and understanding of the site construction conditions, construction methods, construction machinery, the design changes, visa projects are closely linked, and to obtain such information must be in-depth construction site. At present, A, B both sides of the completion of the project settlement is often controversial, many aspects is because there is no deep construction site, the collection of accurate conditions, and the information provided by Party B is often considered by the Party is not true. Depth construction site, can get real first-hand information, but also to assist the site management staff to do a visa work to improve the accuracy of settlement and reduce the dispute between the two sides. At the same time, in-depth construction site, easy to make the construction drawings and the actual building linked to avoid more calculations, improve the pre-billing capacity and so have a certain role.

Third, good at finishing the settlement information

The information related to the settlement includes: the completion of drawings, contract contracts, drawings audit records, construction organization did not count, design change notice, project negotiations record, engineering and technical programs, on-site visa credentials. The above information is the preparation of LCD Display Screen engineering books must use the necessary information. As a settler should be used in the construction began to accumulate, categorized in order to find, and its content to be familiar with.

Fourth, good at finishing (calculation) change works

LCD Display Screen project settlement is based on the project budget, is based on the actual project to the project budget to improve and supplement, and ultimately determine the cost of project settlement, therefore, change the project is the key to accurate calculation of settlement. In general, the larger engineering and complex engineering changes are more, before the calculation of the contents of the drawings according to the contents of the inspection and design changes to the contents of the notice to amend the revised set of construction plans to change the calculation, at the same time, The settlement must be timely, if left after the completion of the project to be calculated, it will change due to more likely to cause leakage items, or with the original preparation of the construction project budget project duplication. In the process of calculating the change, should always clean up the change drawings and change notice, so that the project settlement to "quasi", "fast", "fine", "all" purposes.

Fifth, the collection of relevant information, good information accumulation

LCD Display Screen project cost information is the basis of pre-settlement work, only continue to collect, accumulate and update, in order to faster and more accurate pre-settlement work. Not only pay attention to the "project cost information" in the relevant content, but also one of the economic analysis of the examples of system consolidation, and do a good job of engineering and technical analysis of economic data for the future selection of economically rational design of the construction method to provide important data. In short, the rapid and accurate preparation of the project pre-settlement, we need to carefully study, bold exploration, and strive to practice, constantly updated knowledge and skills, on this basis, summed up a set of measures to improve the accuracy of pre-settlement in order to facilitate future work application.

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