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Industrial LCD Panel Can Be Divided Into Three Levels
Jun 23, 2017

  Industrial LCD panel in accordance with the quality can be divided into A, B, C three grades, the classification of the basis of the number of points is the number of dead pixels. But there is no relevant international hard rules, so the national and regional standards are not the same. Under normal circumstances, the number of industrial LCD panel dead pixels within 5 is A, the number of dead pixels more than 5 and less than 10 will belong to the B level, the number of dead pixels in more than 10 belong to the C-class panel. In principle, the A-level panel is the most suitable for the manufacture of the display, but the industrial LCD panel to produce B-level panel is also an inevitable thing, so this type of panel is also mostly branded display manufacturers to digest. While the C-class panel is completely not suitable for the manufacture of the display, mostly cut into small areas of industrial LCD panels used in other areas. But there are very few LCD manufacturers will use C-class panel, in two or three years ago there have been low-cost low-quality liquid crystal display disrupt the market turmoil.

  Of course, in addition to the number of dead pixels in addition to the number of B-and C-level panel in other aspects of the performance can not be compared with the A-level panel. Compared with the A-level panel, B-class and C-class panel brightness is relatively uneven, lack of color saturation, image color reproduction is poor, the appearance may even be damaged. In addition to the use of professional equipment to determine the level of industrial LCD panels, consumers can also use the naked eye for intuitive identification. It is best to use the known A-level panel for comparison, B-and C-level panel will immediately appear prototype. In addition, the panel manufacturers will be A-level panel is divided into A + +, A +, A three ladder, the best quality industrial LCD panel is suitable for display quality requirements of higher consumers. In general, the number of dark points in the A-level panel is less than 3, the number of bright spots is less than 3, and the sum of the bright and the dead pixels is less than 5; the number of dark points of the A + -type panel is less than 3, and The entire screen is no bright spot, the number of dead pixels is less than 3; A + + level panel neither bright spot nor dark spots, the number of dead pixels is 0. A small number of liquid crystal display manufacturers claim that their display products without bright spots, the liquid crystal display is used by the A + level panel.

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