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Industrial LCD Panel Can Determine The Brightness Of The Liquid Crystal Display
Jun 23, 2017

  Industrial LCD panel can determine the brightness of the liquid crystal display, contrast, color, viewing angle and other very important parameters. Industrial LCD panel development is very fast, from the previous three generations, the rapid development of four generations, five generations, and then skip the six generations to seven generations, and the updated eighth generation panel is also planning. Production of industrial LCD panel manufacturers due to the difference in technical level, the production of industrial LCD panel for a variety of different types of panels. Common are TN panel, MVA and PVA and other VA class panel, IPS panel and CPA panel.

  A LCD screen is good or bad first look at its panel, because the industrial LCD panel directly affects the viewing effect of the screen, and industrial LCD panel accounted for more than half of the cost of the machine is the main factor affecting the cost of the LCD screen , So to choose a good LCD screen, first of all to choose its panel.

  The method of identifying bad points is also simple, as long as the brightness and contrast of the LCD screen to the maximum (display anti-white screen) or transferred to the smallest (show all black picture), you will find the screen how many bright spots and how many Dark spots. As long as the number of dead pixels does not exceed a certain standard, there are a number of dead pixels is normal, but it is best not to lower than the A-level panel standards.

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