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Industrial LCD Panel The Price Of A Direct Impact On The Price Of Liquid Crystal Display
Sep 22, 2017

LCD panel that is the LCD screen, is a flat panel for the liquid crystal display placed on the screen. LCD panel can determine the brightness, contrast, color and viewing angle of liquid crystal display to a large extent. The quality and quality of the liquid crystal display are not only related to the quality, price and market direction of the liquid crystal display, but also to the whole product The function parameters, display and service life. Today's major LCD TV panels are TN, VA, IPS and other types.

Industrial LCD panel prices directly affect the price of liquid crystal display, and LCD panel quality, technology is also related to the overall performance of the level of liquid crystal display. Also for the LCD panel there is an indispensable technology is the LCD panel can achieve true color display 16.7M color, because from the color point of view, LCD display contains the true color display of the concept, its meaning is RGB (red, green and blue) three color channels have the ability to physically display 256 gray scale. LCD display is not all LCD panel products can have a physical display true color display, if you have the physical display of 16777216 kinds of colors, that is, we are talking about the 16.7M color, so that each color channel can display 256 (2 octaves = 256) grayscale, so the 16.7M color is 8bit panel. And if the use of 16.2M color LCD panel color reproduction ability is relatively weak, through the hardware jitter to be achieved, although it can achieve 16.7M color, but after all, through some technical aspects to be achieved, the color is not true, so every A channel can only display 64 (2 6 power = 64) gray scale, this can only be 6bit panel, which is pseudo-color panel. Compared with the two panels, the 6bit panel can only display 262144 colors (64 × 64 × 64 = 262144), while the 8bit panel can display 16777216 kinds of colors (256 × 256 × 256 = 16777216), the physical point of view, 6bit The panel can display less than 2% of the color of the 8bit panel.

A liquid crystal display is good or bad first look at its panel, because the panel directly affects the viewing effect of the screen, and LCD TV panel accounted for more than half of the cost of the whole machine, is the main factor affecting the cost of LCD TV, so To choose a good LCD monitor, first of all to choose its panel. LCD panel can be a large extent to determine the brightness of the liquid crystal display, contrast, color, viewing angle and other very important parameters. LCD panel development is very fast, from the previous three generations, the rapid development of the four generations, five generations, and then skip the six generations to seven generations, and the updated eighth generation panel is also planning. Production of LCD panel manufacturers mainly for Samsung, LG-Philips, IVT, AUO, etc., due to differences in technical levels, the production of LCD panels are also roughly divided into different types of models. Common are TN panel, MVA and PVA and other VA class panel, IPS panel and CPA panel.

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