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LCD Display Screen Color Is Not The Cause And The Solution
Aug 14, 2017

  LCD Display Screen color is not the cause and the solution

  In the understanding of the reasons for the reasons for all the problems, is to step by step investigation. Here are some of the solutions I can find and some useful solutions that are available online. First of all to understand that the screen color is not nothing more than two major sources: LCD Display Screen graphics and monitors. Then we are from these two points to say it

  1. Software problems: graphics card driver is not installed. In fact, even without the drive, the monitor will correctly display each color, and will not appear to lose the yuan color of the situation, but if the driver is not installed correctly may be the problem. Such as the type of graphics card and drive type corresponding inconsistencies, inconsistent versions and so on. This problem is very simple to solve, LCD Display Screen the original graphics driver uninstall can be reloaded. Uninstall the driver is: My Computer - Right "Properties" - Hardware - Device Manager - Display Card - Right - Uninstall. To detect whether the graphics card driver problem is very simple: WindowsXP, for example, in the computer boot into the scroll waiting screen, if you can correctly display the XP logo on the red and then enter the system can not display, then prove that the graphics driver is not correct.

  2. Monitor problem: The monitor hardware is faulty. LCD Display Screen There are many reasons for the display hardware problems, such as the aging of the CRT, the environment caused by the oxidation of the line, static electricity will cause color display is not normal. According to different reasons to take a different approach can be, such as the display placed in a ventilated place (many people like to monitor a piece of cloth to dust, here to remind you that the dust to use a dedicated dust cover, or Will lead to poor ventilation and cooling display).

  3. Graphics card problem: display the problem is the most frequent problems. Such as card slot contact is not close, graphics overheating, graphics card and component problems. For the card slot is not close to the problem can be pulled out re-plug, and sometimes may be because the dust more, LCD Display Screen where the need to clean up the slot and use rubber and other tools to clean the display card. For the graphics card overheating, you can install a small fan above or put the chassis ventilation, graphics overheating caused by the color is not normal is just when the boot is more normal, use a period of time after the start color.

  4. Wiring problems: the connection between the monitor and the graphics card. All the color information on the video card is often a data line passed to the display, LCD Display Screen if there is a problem here will cause the ternary color is missing or the color is not normal. So you can consider changing a line to try.

  5. Line interface pin problem: This is the problem I encountered. The lack of red display problems plagued me for a long time, I used all the above methods are not resolved, the last time in the group chat, let me see is not the interface of the graphics card off. I pulled the data line down to check, LCD Display Screen if not, one of the needle seriously bent, and did not insert into the pinhole. Later, with a small tweezers straight after the discovery of the display color everything is normal, the missing red and back.

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