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LCD Display Screen Highlights, Bad Points
Aug 02, 2017

  LCD Display Screen highlights, bad points

  The bad spot of the LCD Display Screen

  1. What is the bad point of the LCD Display Screen? The bad point of LCD display is also called the point absence, it refers to the LCD display black and white two colors and red, yellow, blue three primary colors display the sub-pixel point, each point refers to a sub-pixel. The most afraid of LCD Display Screen is the bad point. Once a bad point occurs, a point on the display is always displayed in the same color, regardless of the image displayed on the display. This "bad point" is unable to repair, so far, the development of liquid crystal technology to the present, still can not fundamentally overcome this flaw.

  2. How is the bad point produced? The notebook's LCD Display Screen consists of two pieces of glass, about 1 mm thick, the middle is about 5 microns (1/1000 mm) of crystal droplets, separated by uniform spacing, contained in a small cell structure, each three cells constitute a pixel on the screen. Renders a square in a magnifying glass, and a pixel is a point of light. Each light point has a separate transistor to control the strength of its current, if the point of the transistor is broken, it will cause the light point will always be lit or not bright, this is the previously mentioned highlight or dark point, collectively referred to as "bad point."

  3. The LCD Display Screen of the notebook has a bad point, normal? According to the industry standards, "bad point" is a normal phenomenon, but not too much. LCD computer display a certain number of bright spots or dark dots is a feature of LCD technology, for any manufacturer, such a phenomenon is inevitable. Some manufacturers believe that the LCD Display Screen on the total number of dark spots and highlights more than 9, some large-scale computer screen even more than 16, will be identified as a problem. So after the consumer bought the computer to find the bad point, almost all the computer dealers have encountered the request for replacement or replacement of LCD Display Screen users.

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