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LCD Display Screen Huaping Maintenance Methods
Aug 02, 2017

  LCD Display Screen Huaping maintenance methods

  LCD Display Screen Huaping repair is a screen for the existence of a number of color bars, a number of changes in color bright lines bright, image line field anomalies, image white, image flicker and other failures, are generally referred to as Huaping failure. Huaping fault is also a common fault, more trouble points. Drive board, board, screen display substrate, substrate, screen line, screen circuit and even power board failure will cause Huaping failure. LCD Display Screen Huaping maintenance methods are as follows:

  (AOCl5 inch and its OEM production of 15-inch large number of the existence of this fault, inch a large number of this fault, MCU model ALIM6759) .ADIC open welding (1) drive board failure: board failure: MCU hardware damage or program abnormalities Or local short circuit, you can feel or local short circuit, you can feel the temperature to do the initial judgments, the temperature is normal detection of ADIC oscillation waveform or full lead repair welding.

  (2) LCD Display Screen substrate failure: such as Samsung's substrate failure: such as Samsung's 14-inch, inch, 15-inch LCD Display Screen often appears when the image is normal, work like a normal, working for some time after the image flicker, image Folding, image Huaping and other failures. This type of Huaping fault is caused by damage to the LVDS-TTL signal processing IC on the screen substrate.

  (3) screen line failure: a lot of failure: a lot of 2003 in 2006 produced 17-inch, 19-inch models there are a large number of screen line jack loose Huaping phenomenon, the display of individual models because of the existence of such a large number of process problems, Manufacturing, manufacturers will do postpayment extension. Postponement extension. Repair the need to re-apply the screen socket to fix the pad.

  (4) power adapter or power board power drop can also cause abnormal LCD Display Screen Huaping failure, generally in the fault, generally 17-inch models prone to. It is recommended to use 5A adjustable voltage regulator power supply during maintenance and inspection.

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