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OLED Market Warriors Following Apple After LGD Also Announced A Large Investment In OLED
Jul 27, 2017

"The Investor" reported that LG Display on Tuesday (25) said it would prepare a board proposal to expand its investment in OLED production line of 7.8 trillion won (about $ 7 billion) to further sprint OLED production, the main offensive OLED small size panel-based mobile phone demand.


LGD also pointed out that the company is considering a joint venture in China to expand large-scale OLED panel plant, and if the investment plan was approved by the LGD board, then this will be the first time in the overseas production of OLED OLED panel OLED.

LGD turned to China to manufacture OLED, the main reason for a consideration is the Chinese government tax concessions, the current market rumors, LGD considered in 2018 in Guangzhou 8.5-generation LCD panel factory, began manufacturing 65-inch OLED panel.

It is understood that LGD company originally intended to expand the P10 OLED TV large-size panel, but LGD is expected to significantly increase the demand for mobile phone OLED, so resolutely decided to invest in P10 mobile phone OLED panel capacity.


25 days LGD and released the second quarter earnings in 2017, the data show that LGD second quarter operating profit of 804 billion won, the annual growth rate soared 17 times, but still slightly lower than the market expected 862 billion won.

25 days LGD shares fell 1.35% to 32,800 won per share, for four consecutive trading days showed a downward trend, and four trading days fell 12.59%, dragging LGD shares brush from June 1, 2017 since the new low.


OLED market leader battle?

Apple (AAPL-US) also intends to invest heavily in OLED technology, in order to reduce the Samsung i8 OLED panel monopoly situation, the current market news, Apple's (Apple), Apple's (AAPL-US) This OLED test production line, will be ready to settle in Taiwan.

The report states that Apple has ordered a vacuum deposition facility equipped with a 2.5-generation chemical vapor deposition (CVD) process, which is capable of evaporating organic matter in vacuum to adhere to the panel substrate, A production of OLED panel of advanced equipment.

"9to5mac" estimated that Apple is scheduled to launch this year's new film iPhone 8, will be equipped with OLED panel technology, and Apple is now a large investment in OLED there is a deeper meaning, is to wait until the future iPhone 9 ready for mass production , Then i9 OLED technology can be greatly optimized.

The current market rumors, Apple this OLED production line may be settled in Taiwan, and Apple does not seem to intend to manufacture OLED panels, according to "9to5mac" analysis, Apple is likely to create OLED panel heavy responsibility to Foxconn (2317-TW ) Or Shuo (4938-TW) and other two major manufacturing plants.

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