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Reasonable Selection And Planning Of The Installation Position Of LCD Display Screen
Jul 19, 2017

  Reasonable selection and planning of the installation position of LCD Display Screen

  A brightness adjusting system which can be adjusted automatically by system

  We know that during the day and night, different time and place the brightness of the environment changes greatly, if the LCD display is more than the ambient brightness of 60%, we will obviously feel the eye is not suitable, that is, the light pollution caused to people. Through the outdoor Brightness collection system, LCD Display Screen at any time to the ambient brightness collection. Display flat control system through the receiving system data through the software automatically converted to the environment for the broadcast brightness.

  Second, multilevel gray correction technology

  The ordinary LCD display system uses the 8bit color display level, so that in some low grayscale and color over the color of the stiff. Also can cause the color light to be not suitable. The new LCD Display Screen control system uses the 14bit color display level, greatly improves the color in the excessive hardness. So that people can feel the color soft when watching. Avoid people's discomfort with the light.

  Reasonable selection of installation position and reasonable planning of LCD area

  viewing distance and viewing angle and display area have an experience planning, while image research in the LCD screen viewing distance and viewing angle has specific design requirements. In the LCD screen design should be as far as possible to meet the design requirements, reasonable planning.

  In fact, the next few years domestic LCD display market is still in the growth trend, its main growth space will mainly come from traditional inkjet, neon, billboard replacement market, LCD Display Screen there are HD, 3D, intelligent, monitoring market, road traffic and other multi-functional high-end LCD display market. As long as the standard industry order, LCD manufacturers to improve research and development level, enhance their core competitiveness, LCD Display Screen to product guidance demand market, will certainly be in the fierce competition in the market to win a place.

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