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Safety And Cleanliness Of LCD Display Screen
Aug 02, 2017

  Safety and cleanliness of LCD Display Screen

  LCD Display Screen surface than ordinary CRT display is much more vulnerable, it is best to choose a dedicated screen cloth and special cleaning agent. This kind of wiping screen cloth has good absorbent and good dust-absorbing force, dust will easily adsorb to the cloth, and in the repeated wipe will not be glued to the screen, also will not make the dust particles scratch the LCD Display Screen.

  Clean up the oil stains on the LCD Display Screen, etc., can be used for special cleaning agents, avoid the use of general household cleaners and alcohol and other organic solvents, they will corrode the surface of the display. Computer market, the common lowest-end liquid crystal display cleaning agent set (cleaning agent, brush, professional wiping screen cloth) but five yuan, and the big computer manufacturers set to 200 yuan, with water or vinegar, soft cloth, such as DIY methods can also be used.

  However, it must be made clear that no matter which method, must not let any liquid into the LCD display edge of the gap, because the liquid inadvertently into the gap caused by the display damage examples abound. It is recommended that when cleaning up, power, data line physical separation 20 minutes after the flat-screen display (to avoid the liquid gravity into the gap), wipe the cloth slightly wetting, gently wipe when the attention to the boundary; do not spray the detergent or water directly on the screen (to avoid forming a liquid and into the gap). When the liquid is evaporated, it can be used later.

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