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Seven Environmental Factors Affecting The Life Of LCD Display Screen
Jul 19, 2017

  Seven environmental factors affecting the life of LCD Display Screen

  As an electronic display device, the LCD Display Screen is affected by the change of external environmental factors, as with ordinary electronic equipment. These complex and changeable environmental factors, the impact on the LCD Display Screen is not fatal, but damage to reduce some components, affect the normal service life.

  1. Effect of temperature on product life

  LCD Display Screen manufacturers any product in the service life period and only in the appropriate working conditions of the failure rate is very low, the LCD Display Screen as an integrated electronic products, it is mainly loaded with electronic components of the control Board, switching power supply, light-emitting devices and other components, and all of these life span and working temperature is closely related. If the actual working temperature exceeds the use of the product, not only will life be shortened, but the product itself will be seriously damaged.

  2. Effect of dust on product life

  To maximize the average life of the LCD Display Screen, the threat from dust cannot be ignored. In the dust relatively large environment work, because the printed board adsorption dust, and dust deposition will affect the thermal distribution of electronic components, which will lead to temperature rise, resulting in thermal stability decline or even generate leakage, serious when the burning. In addition, the dust will absorb moisture, corrosion of electronic circuits, resulting in short-circuit fault. The dust volume is small, but the harm to the product cannot be underestimated. Therefore, it is necessary to periodically clean up to reduce the probability of failure. When cleaning the inside of the screen dust, remember to disconnect power, careful safe operation.

  3. Effects of moisture on product life

  Although almost all screens can work in a humidity-95% environment, humidity is still an important factor affecting product life. Humid gas will be through the packaging materials and components of the joint into the IC device, resulting in internal circuit oxidation corrosion, and the group welding process of high temperature will make into the IC inside the humid gas expansion of heat pressure, the separation of plastic from the chip or pin frame (delamination), wire bundle damage, chip damage, internal cracks and cracks extending to the surface of the component, even the occurrence of components bulging and bursting, also known as "Popcorn", which will lead to rework or even scrap the assembly. What is more important is that the unseen, potential flaws are incorporated into the product, causing problems with the reliability of the product. The reliability improvement methods of humid environment include the use of moisture-proof materials, dehumidifier, protective coating cover and so on.

  4. Impact of corrosive gases on product life

  Humidity and salt-containing air conditions can degrade the system's performance because they exacerbate the corrosive effects of metal components and also benefit the production of primary cells, especially when different types of metals are exposed. Another harmful effect of wet steam and salt-containing air is the formation of a membrane that causes the insulation and degradation of the dielectric properties on the surface of non-metallic components, thereby forming a leakage pathway. The moisture absorption of insulating material can also increase the volume conductivity and dissipation coefficient of the material. Reliability improvement methods for humid and saline air environments include the use of airtight seals, moisture-proof materials, dehumidifiers, protective coatings/closures and the reduction of the use of different types of metal.

  5. Effect of electromagnetic radiation on product life

  RF radiation interference in electronic systems generally comes from two of ways. One way is to direct the electrical noise interference from the radiation field into the system. The experiment shows that when the spot is strong enough to reach 5v/m, the system will certainly make a mistake, the electromagnetic interference can change the CPU program counter PC's numerical value, so that the microcomputer mistakenly "jumps out" is executing the program, especially to the small signal circuit. The memory is not working properly when it is 15v/m. Another way to interfere with RF radiation is through the power supply. The transmission line of the outer frame is equivalent to the receiving antenna, and the radiation interference is introduced into the system, which can burn down the power supply of the system.

  6. Effect of vibration on product life

  Electronic equipment is often subjected to environmental shocks and vibrations during normal use and testing. This environment can cause physical damage to parts and structural parts when the resulting deflection causes mechanical stresses that exceed the allowable working stress of the component parts.

  7. Impact of load on product life

  Whether it is an integrated chip or LED tube or switching power supply, the load is rated under the load is also an important factor affecting life. Because any one of the components has a fatigue damage period, take the power supply as an example, the brand power supply can output 105%~135% power, but such as long time so that the power supply under such a high load, it is necessary to speed up the switching power supply aging, of course, switching power supply does not necessarily immediately expire, but will make its life quickly reduced.

  LCD Display Screen not only choose to pay attention to the selection of reputable display manufacturers to ensure product quality, in the installation of the use of more careful carefully. It is necessary to control the temperature, humidity and dust factors of the use environment, and to resist the interference of the electromagnetic radiation around the LCD Display Screen, to avoid damaging the power supply, and to prevent the physical damage to the internal component structure of the screen tilt. These seven environmental factors will directly and indirectly affect the life of the screen, so LCD manufacturers to remind you must do the necessary prevention and treatment measures.

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