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Size Amplification, Lower Yield, Alert The Fourth Quarter Of The Structure Of Mobile Phone Screen Supply And Demand Risk
Jun 26, 2017

2017 is about half past the first half of the global smart phone market development is tired, group wisdom consulting (Sigmaintell) with the latest data for you to understand the second half of the smart phone market direction:

The first quarter of the global smart phone market continued low, the second quarter of the market temperature is lower than expected

According to Sigmaintell survey data show that in April 2017 China's smart phone sales of about 38.18 million, down 2.3%, China's exports of smart phones about 49.45 million, the chain fell 7.4%. In the first quarter due to the continued rise in the cost of the whole parts and the impact of the US dollar exchange rate, the terminal brand profit pressure, compared to previous years, the first quarter of the terminal brand new machine release volume has decreased, the market growth momentum is insufficient, making the shadow of the off season, The second quarter of the market back to the warm situation as expected, while in China, 4G conversion demand slowdown also constrained the growth of smart phone demand.

The first half of the brand goal challenge, the second half of a comprehensive screen for innovation

In the first half of the year due to the overall market demand is cold, the terminal industry's annual goals reached a great challenge, in order to achieve the annual goal as far as possible, the terminal industry are actively layout in the second half of the more amazing new release, innovation to stimulate consumer desire to buy , A comprehensive screen program (currently full-screen size around 18: 9 5.99 inches, 6.01 inches, etc.), has also become the main direction of many terminal brand industry, full-screen mobile phone will usher in the second half of the release period.

The third quarter of the panel pull cargo kinetic energy is expected to enhance the overall volume on the ship

In the first half of the year by the market demand is cold, the whole machine inventory and the new machine less impact, the terminal panel pull goods intensity is obviously insufficient, according to the group wisdom consulting (Sigmaintell) survey, the current machine inventory after one or two quarters of consumption has been gradually Trends in the third quarter, with the full-screen project fermentation and the realization of the annual target driven, the terminal industry's panel demand will be significantly improved.

Size amplification, lower yield, vigilance of the fourth quarter of the structural panel resources supply and demand risk

Full-screen glass area is larger, the production capacity of the consumption play a positive role, while the need to guard against the full amount of the screen caused by the lack of structural panel capacity. According to the Sigmaintell supply and demand model, consider the full screen size magnification factor: First, A-si panel supply in the second half of 2017 will be relaxed from the balance, the price is expected to stabilize in the third quarter, guard against structural out of stock risk ; Second, LTPS capacity growth too fast, oversupply situation will be due to the overall screen has been eased, but always remain relaxed state, and the price decline will also be eased; again, from the current AMOLED full screen project Situation and follow-up needs, AMOLED supply and demand in the second half of a tightening risk, which flexible AMOLED production capacity is basically Samsung and Apple monopoly, care and other.

Comprehensive above, the second half of 2017 smart phone key word is a comprehensive screen, lack of innovation in mobile phone design, the market today, a comprehensive screen can give consumers a different experience, the market will also slowly usher in better , And how to stand out in this full-screen war also challenge the terminal industry and panel industry, 2017 second half, worth the wait!

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