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Sun Zhengyi Latest Prediction: Change Is Coming, Feeling Sleep Is A Waste Of Time
Jul 27, 2017

Sun Zhengyi is experiencing a busy year, even if the most productive investors in Japan have failed. At the SoftBank World conference in Tokyo on Thursday, Sun Zheng took some time to explain how he would do the collaboration.

In the past six months, Softbank Group's investment in many areas, from travel sharing, joint office, robot to agriculture, cancer testing and automatic driving.

Nearly sixty days of Sun Zhengyi in SoftBank World on stage, and tells the story behind these transactions, as well as the company's planned 100 billion US dollars technology fund - Vision Fund situation.

SoftBank World is a two-day annual event organized by Softbank for customers and suppliers.

In two and a half hours, Sun Zhengyi portrayed a picture: the future satellite network will cover every corner of the earth, one trillion network equipment will transfer data to the cloud, and through artificial intelligence (AI) analysis.

He said Softbank and its (investment) companies will be involved in every step of this.

"I am very excited, really feel even sleep is a waste of time." Softbank founder and CEO Sun Zhengyi said.


Hello everyone! I am Sun Zhengyi. Just played the opening video, I am very happy. I think we are in the era of change.

The industrial revolution has changed the lives of everyone in terms of competition, and this information revolution is a revolution that will lead us further to the world where everyone is unimaginable.

We just can challenge the time to catch up with this revolution, really is great!

I am going to be an industrialist in the student age.

At that time, I think Matsushita Masters, Mr. Honda, Mr. Morita is really too happy, they were born in a very good time.

If I was born in their time, I think I will be with dark circles, joined the electronics, automotive industry as the struggle of the crowd it. Student times, how many times I do not envy this idea

But now, my thoughts have changed, and for the time I was born in such an era that I could challenge, I think this time is really good!

6 years ago, I will hear some extreme remarks "Do you use IPHONE, you use IPAD, if you do not have two, or give up life!" Obviously, 6 years later, the world has undergone tremendous changes, There is absolutely no need to say such a thing.

From now on, there will be greater changes come

Now I have been very much looking forward, and even think that sleep is a waste. Recently, because often in the world around the flight, so sometimes even to the clear where they feel. When I opened my eyes from the bed, I was wondering if I was in the United States, or in India, where was I?

In short, really feel that they have been in a very exciting, look forward to the heart of the bang bang of the times, so sleep time is too wasteful.

Now let's get into the topic.


At the end of the 15th century, the class formed by the British subordinate aristocracy into landlords became the main force of the initial industrial capital formation.

The aristocracy has accumulated the necessary capital in the industrial revolution of the 18th to 19th centuries. Their assets are the source of funding for the new era of industrial revolution and have contributed to the birth of new technologies.


The industrial revolution transforms capital with state-of-the-art technology. The progress of science and technology redefines the enterprise.

When the venture capital and new technology overlap when it triggered a revolution. The 21st century information revolution, Softbank will play the role of the aristocracy that year.


The new technology has changed the world.


The new technology has changed the world....


Artificial intelligence is changing our lives:

Go on, Google's AlphaGO to achieve 60 consecutive victories; art, artificial intelligence can be painted; medical, artificial intelligence on the correct detection of malignant tumors than ordinary doctors increased by 50%; industrial industry, industrial robots to improve production efficiency 3 Times; real-time translation, the realization of 10 languages of the translation function.


Through artificial intelligence analysis of traffic data, the maximum optimization of the traffic system, improved by 25% of traffic congestion.

The United States Uber and China's drops have achieved a shared travel, to solve a large number of travel problems.


Through large data, artificial intelligence has been further evolved.


Softbank acquired ARM (UK Acorn Co., Ltd. designed the first low-cost RISC microprocessor) in the mobile device market share of up to 90%.


Market share shows that ARM is used in smart phones> 99%, modems> 99%, car navigator> 95%, wearable equipment> 90%


Softbank Investments OneWeb "Constellation Internet" program will provide massive Internet services through a new generation of low-orbit satellite communications connections.

It is flying over the earth flying 900 small satellites, the establishment of the ground network. The future, where the earth can be connected to the Internet. 10 trillion yen Softbank Vision Fund No. 1 case is used for this, Softbank invested $ 1 billion (about 110 billion yen), becoming the largest shareholder.


OneWeb will provide low-cost, low-latency, high-speed communications for the world.


Equipped with ARM technology, the microprocessor will be linked in the next 20 years, the basic data of 1 trillion Internet of things. In the Internet of Things era, from mobile phones, cars to daily necessities, will all link with, and generate large amounts of data. The most important resource in the information revolution is data. Get the data in the world.


1 trillion of the bottom of the Internet of things data - large data - artificial intelligence.


Technology-specific point, super-intelligent birth


Has a super intelligent robot was born.


Robot Pepper is not just a simple operation of the machine, Pepper is evolving. If someone insists on this, then one day Pepper 's evolution will tell him: "You fool, you were me beyond!


Softbank acquired the Google Dynamics of Google Alphabet, the US-driven robot company. Is developing a dog-type robot "BigDog", which in the road is not flat conditions can still transport about 150 kg of luggage. The developed alien robot "Atlas" can avoid obstacles when walking.

The future, intelligent robots will be the same as human walking in the street, flying in the sky, swim in the sea.

Smart robots and factory assembly robots will be very different. Many people think that robots can only do mechanical work simply.

However, when "they" (robot) equipped with AI will be reborn. They can learn their own, you can understand the idea of mankind.

We should not worry about being robots beyond, but should hope that robots can go beyond humans, and they work together to change the world. AI is more intelligent than human times, whether you expect it to be coming, I think so we have a good direction to guide it!


All industries will redefine the world


It is foreseeable that the average life expectancy of the future world will reach 100 years of age.


We humans will be symbiotic with the robot.


Look at the previous investment performance of Softbank, the cumulative investment in the past 18 years amounted to 11 billion US dollars, the amount of return accumulated more than 175 billion US dollars. Although many times failed, but also a lot of success. This is not accidental, but dare to bear the risk of the results of the vision.




Soft silver to do is to lead the information revolution, become the largest contribution to the enterprise of mankind.


Softbank set up a 10 trillion yen Soft Fund Vision Fund. In the future, Softbank will use the 10 trillion yen Softbank Vision Fund to accelerate investment in companies with large amounts of data. The goal of our investment is not big business, but the rapid growth of the future start-ups.

Softbank has decided to invest in the potential companies include known as the "industry data platform," the US software company OSI, the British VR tool development company IMPROBABLE (transliteration), the US agricultural company PLANTUS (transliteration).


The size of the investment is the world's other VC total 1.6 times.



Attracting a large number of investors around the world.


Softbank Vision Fund will become the community of like-minded people in the information revolution.

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