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The LCD Module Brightness
Mar 24, 2017

Liquid crystal is a substance between solid and liquid, itself is not illuminated, need a have to additional light source. Therefore, the number of tubes relationship with liquid crystal display brightness. The first liquid crystal displays only two tubes, development to the present, the minimum is affordable four lights, high-end is six lights. Put four light tube design is divided into three forms: one is the four side there is a lamp, but the disadvantage is that there will be a black shadow, solution is from top to bottom four lamp GuanPing arrangement way, the last one is "U" type of display form, is actually two lights in a disguised form of root tube. Six lamp design of the actual use is three light tube, manufacturers will be three tubes are bent into a "U" type, and then placed in parallel, in order to achieve the effect of the six tubes.

Tip: brightness is also one of the more important indicators, the brighter the LCD far, a look, give a person would emerge from a row of LCD wall, we often see the highlight in the CRT technology (viewsonic is highlighted, philips called show bright, benq called sharp color) is Yin shield tube is increased by current, bombarding phosphors, result in more bright, such technology, usually at the expense of quality, and the monitor for the life, all using such technology products by default are PuLiang, total want to press a button to execute, click on the 3 x light play games; Press a 5 x light become DVDS, he fine have turned the paste, depends on the honesty of the text also back to plain text mode, this design is to let everyone don't often highlighted. The principle of the LCD display brightness and CRT is different, they are on the brightness of the backlight lamp behind the panel. 

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