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The LCD Module Classification
Mar 24, 2017

(1). Counting module

This is a kind of by seven different digits type liquid crystal display device and decoding drive, or combined with counter display unit assembly into the count. It has the function of recording, processing and display digital. At present our country

Can see on the market the main products are driven by CD4055 decoding drive unit display module, liquid crystal display device and by ICM72ll ICM7231, ICM7232, CDl4543, UPDl45001, HD44100 such as integrated circuit and corresponding liquid crystal display device assembly into four, six, eight and 10, 12, 16 counting module. When choosing this type of counting module must pay attention to the following:

Clear functions: although all call "counting module", but most of them do not count directly. Their input port is BCD interface form only, have a plenty of BCD plus input interface form gate end, still have a plenty of directly connects with the serial, parallel port interface forms, etc., such as the need to compute or record a string of Numbers, you must configure the relevant circuit, of course, there are the counting circuit with product in module.

Look for the structure: the installation method and liquid crystal display device has a different structure. Is this, should pay attention to when choose its structure characteristics, in general, the counting module mostly by zebra article conductive rubber, plastic or metal pressure box and the PCB will be liquid crystal display device and integrated circuit together. Outside its terminal has solder type, lead pin type, PCB pin type.

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