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The LCD Module Signal Response Time
Mar 24, 2017

Response time refers to the response speed of LCD for input signal, which is liquid crystal by light or dark change from light to dark reaction time, usually in milliseconds (ms) as the unit. To say clear that we have mentioned from human eye perception of dynamic images. Human eye exists the phenomenon of "visual residue, high speed motion picture in the brain can form a brief impression. Animation, film and so on until now the latest game is the application of the principle of visual residue, make a series of the gradient image in front of people, according to the rapid succession they create the dynamic image. People can accept the picture display speed is commonly with 24 per second, which is the origin of the movie played 24 frames per second speed, if display speed is lower than the standard, the person will clearly feel the picture pause and discomfort. According to this index calculation, each showing time needs to be less than 40 ms. So, for liquid crystal displays, 40 ms response time become a barrier, below 40 ms display will appear obvious "trailing" or "echo" phenomenon, let a person has the feeling of chaos. If want image to reach the level of fluency, then you need to reach speeds of more than 60 frames per second.

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