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The Main Parameters Of The LCD Module
Mar 24, 2017


Choose when LCD manufacturing control IC, accessories of directional membrane and filter, etc., associated with the contrast of the panel, for the average user, contrast can reach 350:1 is enough, but the contrast in the field of professional flat can't meet the needs of users. Relative to the CRT monitor easily reach 500:1 or higher contrast. Only high-end LCDS can achieve such a degree, because of the contrast by accurate measurement very hard, so pick or want to see yourself.

Tip: contrast is very important, can be said to be selected a is more important than the spot index of the liquid crystal, when you know your customer buy DVDS, LCD is used for entertainment you can emphasize contrast is more important than no bad points, we were watching streaming media, the general sources of brightness is not big, but to see the character scene contrast, the simple sense of human hair grey to black, shall appear on high and low contrast. Viewsonic VG and VX has stressed contrast indicators, VG910S is 1000:1 the contrast, we then take this money and samsung a contrast test with double graphics, samsung has a significantly than LCD, however, we are interested in can try. Gray level 256 in software testing during head-up could see more clearly in gray, is a good contrast.

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