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The Mainland BOE And Qi Bang Alliance To Find Purple And Nanmao Model
Jul 21, 2017

(6147), will follow the mainland Ziguang Group and Nanmao Technology (8150) alliance model, subscribe to the state in the mainland of Suzhou plant If there is no accident, the two sides will complete the equity transfer contract at the end of the third quarter.


However, this rumors, Qi state speech system as of noon, are reluctant to explain this, therefore, the message is true, can not be confirmed from the company's speaking system. Qi State shares on the 19th opened higher, up 2.8% intraday.

Market rumors that the BOE Group is the largest panel factory in the mainland, the current annual output of at least 23 million panels, is the state's largest customers in the country.

Jingdong side following Beijing, Hefei, Chongqing and other three three generations of 8.5 plants put into operation, the year before and invested more than 30 billion yuan to build the fourth 8.5-generation Fuzhou plant, and the new plant in the recently quietly completed production, commissioned to release Qi state for the IC packaging and testing OEM orders, but also quickly pulled up, is the second half of the country's strength is the key.

As the BOE Group plans to semiconductor packaging and testing industry chain development, intends to build one-stop service, then fancy business relations, and the two sides tacit understanding is very close, while the world's largest TFT-LCD professional packaging and testing plant Qi state.

Market statement, BOE had two sets of shares and Qi Bang equity alliances plan, the first set is directly subscribed to Qi Bang equity, by Qi Bang arranged for the BOE tailor-made private equity case, by the BOE to obtain Qi state 20% stake and board seats, but due to the plan may be the current ruling DPP to vote back.

Therefore, the second set of plans, is to follow the purple group and Nanmao alliance model, transferred from the BOE to subscribe to Qi Bang in the mainland subsidiary of about half of the shares to complete the alliance.

(Kunshan) and other two companies, mainly for the production of gold bumps, tin lead bumps, wafer testing, tape with soft board packaging, volume, and so on. Tape film flip chip, glass flip chip package, the product is mainly used in LCD driver IC.

Semiconductor "reported that the East into the shares of Suzhou Qi Qi, Qi state: can not comment

(6147) strategic alliance, in accordance with the previous Nanmao (8150) and the purple mode of cooperation, subscribed to shares of the state-owned subsidiary of Qi State Securities shares in China.

Qi state on this issue of heavy news to clarify that the relevant news is not published, the company can not comment on this.


The market is expected, Qi State and BOE is expected before the end of the third quarter, the completion of the transfer of shares in the technology transfer, the future of Beijing LCD driver IC packaging and testing will be handed over to the beta in charge of science and technology. For Qi Bang, this will help consolidate the source of closed beta orders, help to expand the territory of the mainland market.

Suzhou Qi Zhong Technology in June 2004 by the state and overseas investors set up a joint venture, then holding only 16.6%, 2010 resolution to spend 85 million US dollars to increase holdings to 64% in the first quarter of 2011 to obtain substantial control, and then in the Plus investment, the current total holding 100% of the Group's subsidiaries.

Qi Zhong technology mainly engaged in integrated circuit products and semiconductor materials for the development, production, packaging and testing, sales and after-sales service.

According to Qi State Annual Report revealed that Qi Zhong technology operation in 2015, although the sharp decline, but in 2016 has rebounded significantly, revenue grew 22.6% to 2.515 billion yuan, operating profit doubled to 5.93 billion yuan, tax profit jump 1.95 times To $ 623 million.

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