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The World's Thinest Music CES2016 Push LCD TV Only 3.9mm
Jun 21, 2017

Las Vegas, CES2016 to carry out the day before, music as a release with the current thinnest thickness of the LCD TV concept machine: 4th generation super TV Max65 Blade. And just last month MAX65 Cruved and MAX70 similar, this TV is still using split design. Screen part of the use of LG Display screen and Corning's Iris glass light guide plate, the thinnest thinness of only 3.9mm (Apple iPhone 6S thickness of half). This TV has also become the world's thinnest LED LCD TV.


The thinnest LCD Max65 Blade

In order to achieve such a slim thickness, the overall structure of the TV has been a lot of optimization, including the choice of the thinnest optical and structural materials: 1.5mm Corning Iris glass light guide plate (Glass LGP), much lower than the ordinary plastic light guide plate (PMMA LGP) on the basis of the structure of the strength of 36 times; liquid crystal module in the conventional multi-layer membrane structure is reduced to two layers of film, and the use of bonding process. To ensure the quality and stability of the balance.

Display performance is the mainstream LG Display 65-inch 4K screen. 120Hz screen refresh rate, 5ms response time and 85% NTSC color gamut, and before the release of two super 4 TV basically quite


The use of split design for the intelligent system and audio parts to bring more ample space: high-pass dragon 8094 chip, while configuring 4GB of DDR4 and 64GB storage (eMMCflsah), support 802.11ac WiFi protocol. In addition Max65 Blade sound system has reached close to professional audio products, including 2.0-channel audio system, 70W power.

Super TV to accelerate the opening up the market

Lok see new president Liang Jun said at the press conference, music as 2015 has completed the lemall.com US platform infrastructure, lemall in 2015, small-scale trial marketing, including super TV flagship products, such as music brand products and achieved good Effect. 2016 Lok see the sea through the lemall mall to accelerate the development in overseas markets. In addition to the US market, Le Watch will continue to accelerate market development in Hong Kong, Russia, Thailand and India, trying to replicate 100% of the high growth rate in the Chinese market for nearly three years.

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