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To Ensure That The Quality Of LCD Display Screen Eight Points
Oct 19, 2017

LCD Display Screen there is a technical cost of the problem, many companies in the technical input too much lead to LCD Display Screen prices are too high. How to ensure that the quality of LCD Display Screen technology while reducing costs? Need eight technical control to protect the quality of LCD Display Screen.

1, LCD Display Screen cooling performance

If the LCD Display Screen cooling performance is poor, the temperature is too high, then the stability of the LCD will have an impact, long-term will allow the LCD Display Screen to accelerate performance degradation. So in this regard, we must do a good job of PCB board cooling design and cooling the box ventilation.

2, Weld problem

When the LCD Display Screen is off, the most likely case is caused by Weld. Weld solder includes many aspects, so in the details here must be done. The factory must also be done after a rigorous inspection.

3, straight-through LCD Display Screen must control the vertical degree

A very small deviation will directly affect the brightness of the LCD consistency. Will lead to inconsistent color blocks. The LCDs must be perpendicular to the PCB.

4, anti-static LCD Display Screen

For anti-static LCD Display Screen manufacturers must do enough of this measure. A variety of anti-power settings must be done, but also to regularly detect.

5, LCD mixed lights

The same color of different colors of the LCD need to be mixed lights, this procedure if the problem will lead to LCD Display Screen in the brightness of the local situation is not the same, a direct impact on the appearance of the LCD Display Screen.

6, LCD heating value

Typically, the maximum use of LCD current can not be higher than the standard value of 20MA 80%, if it is a small distance between the display screen must reduce the current value.

7, drive circuit design

If the drive circuit design is not good, there will be LCD Display Screen around the LCD brightness lower than the middle.

8, strictly control the wave soldering temperature and time

Preheating temperature of 100 ℃ ± 5 ℃, the maximum does not exceed 120 ℃, and the preheating temperature rise requires a smooth, welding temperature of 245 ℃ ± 5 ℃, welding time is not recommended for more than 3 seconds, after the furnace should not vibration or impact LCD until Restore the normal temperature state. The temperature parameters of the wave soldering machine should be checked regularly.

LCD Display Screen technology every step is the details of the deal, in the details to do better, then the higher the quality of LCD Display Screen. At the same time, China's LCD technology to be further innovation, and the world more communication. I believe in the future, China's LCD industry will be even better.

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