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Weixinuo Technology Breakthrough: The World's First TDDI Technology Used In AMOLED Products
Jul 20, 2017

When TDDI encounters AMOLED, Vivian Novart is the world's first TDDI application for AMOLED products

Recently, the global OLED field on behalf of manufacturers Weixinuo AMOLED product technology research and development in a new breakthrough in the 1.2-inch watch equipped with AMOLED module development, the successful application of the TDDI (touch and display driver integration) technology, will touch Control and display chip into one.

The realization of this technology, both in enhancing the end-user experience, optimize the product industry design, and downstream technology development and management cost control and so on, have practical significance.

It is understood that the peacekeeping letter in the field of AMOLED TDDI technology applications is still the world's first case, and will further lead the OLED industry technology research and downstream terminal product innovation and upgrading.


TDDI is popular with customers

For the downstream manufacturers, touch and display chip into one, reducing the number of components, will effectively save the product structure space, is conducive to the end product industry to enhance the level of design, making the product more thin and beautiful;

And through the realization of TDDI technology, downstream manufacturers only from a technical channel to obtain display and touch products, which simplifies the technology development and management processes, but also reduce the overall procurement costs;

From the perspective of enhancing the user experience, TDDI technology helps downstream manufacturers to innovate more thin and trendy products for end users, while also optimizing performance through power integration and drive, improving product performance and saving power, enabling users to experience To be fully promoted.

TDDI technology used in AMOLED, create a new era of AMOLED

The current use of AMOLED screen smart electronic products touch and display functions are basically two chips (ie, DriverIC and TouchIC) independent control, TDDI in the field of AMOLED development is still in the initial stage, to be able to combine the two Very high technical difficulty, especially the touch and display signal interference problems most difficult to overcome.

The Vincent in the field of AMOLED to create a touch and display driver integration history, completed another technical breakthrough. This depends on the accumulation of technology and processes in the field of OLED for more than 20 years.

At present, Vincent has more than 2,600 patents, especially in embedded touch technology, Victoria CIGNA patent advantage is more obvious. And Vincent Connaught in the "process stability" and "control process optimization" advantages, but also Weixin Connaught in the field of AMOLED TDDI technology to achieve the key.

In technology and products, Vincent Connaught has always been to coordinate the development of industry responsibility, through technological innovation breakthrough, for the OLED industry to build a new ecological vitality and power.

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