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What Do You Need To Pay Attention To When Purchasing A LCD Display Screen?
Oct 19, 2017

What do you need to pay attention to when purchasing a LCD Display Screen? Many customers in the purchase of LCD Display Screen process there are a lot of incorrect operation. So how do we better avoid these errors, how can we identify a good quality and inexpensive LCD Display Screen? The following to sort out the LCD Display Screen to identify a few major errors:

One is necessary to buy the best

First purchase from their own needs, to meet the needs of the same time have a certain idea ahead. But can not blindly pursue the best, although expensive in general will be better, but depends on whether the use of their own symmetry, but also according to their own economic situation, or only more waste of money in their own do not need Function on.

Second, the national standard standards

The general specification for LCD Display Screen is the standard of the ministerial in the 1990s, and now it is 2017 years, and then look back at the previous standard, and there have been too many changes. Take an example, the control point, the national standard for the 5 to indoor dual color LCD Display Screen as an example. Generally do 740480 standard resolution display of 10 square meters, 42465 points per square meter, according to the national standard can have 120 out of control points, but this display in the rapid development of modern life which is no one will buy it.

Third, the software free, low prices

Now the Chinese enterprises have a common problem, that is, only the production is not R & D, the same now the LCD industry is also the existence of this problem. At present, only a small number of LCD manufacturers have their own genuine software, many people may not know now use piracy is illegal. The price is low, but not necessarily what we want, more important is the price. Also buy the right, do not necessarily buy a low price, this is more difficult to distinguish.

Fourth, the gray level

Grayscale is an important indicator of the LCD Display Screen, the current market is full of many 14 and 80 gray-scale display posing as 256 gray-scale display, the former control costs may only 256 little gray 5. Here is a simple way to tell friends, that is, play a more intense sports scenes of the video, check the LCD Display Screen is able to see clearly.

Five, long life

LCD Display Screen manufacturers issued by the technical information clearly shows the life of the LED luminous body for the ideal state of 1O million hours. This ideal state refers to the constant voltage constant current in the laboratory state of LED light from the light to the time of no light, 10 million hours equivalent to 11 years. We all know how much of a barrel of water is determined by the lowest board, the LCD Display Screen is currently used mostly for the civilian level of the device, the service life is usually not more than 10 years. As the function of the display is to watch, when the LCD Display Screen is lit only at night to see when it is impossible to determine whether it is qualified, with the use of value.

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